Heating Units

A Heating Unit Permit is required if you have a solid fuel-burning appliance like a wood place, insert or pellet stove within a building or structure. Permits can usually be processed over the counter on the same day.

Permit requirements and fees 

The following forms and fees are required when you apply for a Heating Unit Permit.

Approval process

Your heating unit must meet the clearances on the appliance's certification label and it must be installed following both the manufacturer’s instructions and the BC Building Code.

The Regional District only inspects new installations of heating units in buildings with an active building permit. The Regional District does not conduct Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspections on existing heating units for insurance purposes and you should consult local WETT installers and inspectors.

When are inspections required?

Masonry fireplace:

  • when the fireplace is constructed up to the smoke chamber
  • when the chimney is completed


  • when the chimney clearance is prior to interior or exterior finish

Solid fuel burning appliance:

  • when installation is complete

Things to consider

At the time of inspection:

  • the heating unit must be installed but not operating (this applies to fire-burning appliances)
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be installed and operational in the residence
  • the owner’s or installation manual for the unit and chimney must be available for the buidling inspector to reference