Official Community Plans

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George has seven Electoral Areas with eight Official Community Plans (OCP's) and one Rural Land Use Bylaw. An OCP outlines the land use objectives and policies for a specific electoral area.

Development proposals must be consistent with all relevant Official Community Plans.

Electoral AreaOCP DocumentsOCP Maps
Electoral Area A (Salmon River-Lakes)OCP Document [PDF/137KB]OCP Maps [PDF/1.5MB]
Electoral Area C (Chilako River-Nechako)OCP Document [PDF/341KB]OCP Maps [PDF/3.8MB]
Electoral Area D (Tabor Lake-Stone Creek)

Pineview OCP Document [PDF/701KB]

Tabor Lake-Stone Creek OCP Document [PDF/107KB]

Pineview OCP Maps [PDF/349KB]

Tabor Lake-Stone Creek OCP Maps [PDF/1.4MB]

Electoral Area E (Woodpecker-Hixon)Rural Land Use Bylaw [PDF/3.5MB] 
Electoral Area F (Willow River-Upper Fraser)OCP Document [PDF/122KB]OCP Maps [PDF/1.9MB]
Electoral Area G (Crooked River-Parsnip)OCP Document [PDF/1.2MB]

OCP North Maps [PDF/3.7MB]

OCP South Maps [PDF/6.3MB]

Electoral Area H (Robson Valley-Canoe)

Electoral Area H Downstream Documents [PDF/128KB]

Electoral Area H Upstream Documents [PDF/419KB]

Electoral Area H Downstream Maps [PDF/1.7MB]

Electoral Area H Upstream Maps [PDF/3.8MB]