Development Permits

Development Permit Areas

A Development Permit Area (DPA) is an area the Official Community Plan designates to:

  • ensure the protection of the water quality and fisheries value of a lake or river
  • protect the aesthetic and scenic values of an area, lake or river
  • protect the natural environment
  • protect development from hazardous conditions
  • establish guidelines about the form and character of commercial development

If you are building in a DPA, buildings and structures must be located at least 15 metres from the natural boundary of the high watermark. Additionally, you should retain or replant shoreline vegetation within the first 15 metres of the shoreline.

Lakeshore Development Guidelines and Information

When a Development Permit is required

For property located in a Development Permit Area, a Development Permit is required for: 

  • subdivision of land
  • construction of, addition to, or alteration of, a building or structure
  • alteration of land, including landscaping and clearing
  • installation of sewage disposal systems including pit privies

Development permits for subdivision, commercial, industrial or institutional purposes require Regional Board consideration.

If you require a Development Permit, you must submit an application to the RDFFG. You will need to provide a sketch of the proposed and existing development on your property. Additionally, you will need to meet with RDFFG staff on-site to review the application. Applications can take between one and five weeks, though the Planning Department may be able to provide a more specific estimate.

Once a Development Permit is issued, a notice will be registered on the property title.

Timeline and Fees

Information about timeline and fees for development permits, visit our Land Use Permit Fees, Forms and Timelines page.