Elections and Assent Voting

General Local Elections

The next local government elections are scheduled for 2027.

Residents and property owners within the Regional District are eligible to vote if they meet the requirements of the Local Government Act. By-elections may be held if the office of a director or commissioner becomes vacant.

Assent Voting (Referendums)

For some projects like long term borrowing or establishing new services, local governments must obtain elector approval before any bylaws can be adopted and the project can move forward. Assent voting may be used because it is required under the Local Government Act or if the local government chooses to use it.

Alternate Approval Process

The Local Government Act and Community Charter give the Board of Directors another option to an assent vote. The alternative approval process is a less costly and time consuming way of asking the electorate’s permission. If at least 10 per cent of the estimated number of electors oppose the bylaw, agreement or issue, then there must be a formal assent or referendum vote before it can be adopted.