March 2024 Board Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

2024 budget approved

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Board of Directors approved the 2024 Operating Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George provides 92 services to residents of its seven electoral areas and to the City of Prince George, District of Mackenzie, Village of Valemount and Village of McBride.

Expenditures (operating and capital) for the Regional District in 2024 will total $57.4 million. Of the $57.4 million, $22.6 million will be funded through property taxation, which is an increase of $1,148,241 or 5.35% over 2023. Most of the other funding for the budget for 2024 is coming in the form of grants, user fees and use of reserve funds. 

Significant 2024 budgeted expenditures provided by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George include Environmental Health ($21.4 million), Public Health and Welfare ($9.96 million), Protective Services ($7.6 million) and Recreation and Cultural Services ($6.6 million).

2024 Regional Hospital District budget approved

The 2024 Fraser-Fort George Regional Hospital District (RHD) budget has been approved. The RHD provides funding to Northern Health to assist with the capital investment in health care equipment and facilities. This can include things like minor and major equipment purchases as well as capital costs for construction and renovation projects. Typically, Regional Hospital Districts contribute up to 40% towards capital expenditures for health facilities within their region. For 2024, the RHD has approved a budget of nearly $31.5 million, including $7.3 million in approved projects carried forward from the prior year, with just over $22 million funded by tax requisition. Directors voiced concerns over rising costs and the financial impacts to residents. The RHD Board continues to explore options to ensure costs are sustainable.

Regional District operational response to new provincial housing legislation

In late 2023 provincial legislative changes to housing, short-term rentals and development finance tools were adopted. Many of these changes impact Regional District bylaws, procedures, programs and planning documents. As a result, the Regional District Board approved the preparation of new zoning amendment bylaws to allow secondary suites in all restricted zones, and ensure bylaws align with provincial Site Standards for density/intensity, set backs, building height/storeys, lot coverage and parking requirements. The Regional District will also explore the implementation of a Business License Program, Development Cost Charges and/or Amenity Cost Charges. 

Mental Health and Addictions Symposium

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George will be joining the Lheidli T’enneh, the City of Prince George and the North Central Local Government Association as co-hosts of a mental heath and addictions symposium taking place at the end of June in Prince George. The event targets government officials, policy makers, mental health professionals, healthcare providers, social workers, researchers, academics, educators, students, community groups, law enforcement, parole officers, attorneys, not-for-profit organizations and individuals with lived experiences. It aims to serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, policy development and inspiring positive action through success stories.

Community Grants

The Board approved the following requests for Community and Recreation Grants:

  • $4,667 to the Ness Lake Recreation Commission for insurance
  • $2,480 to the Nukko Lake Recreation Commission for insurance and an Easter event
  • $1,797 to the Salmon Valley Gymkhana Club for insurance
  • $6,756 to the Beaverly Community Association for insurance
  • $1,500 to the Miworth Community Association for Halloween fireworks
  • $28,000 to the Pineview Recreation Commission for insurance and Sno Frolics Festival
  • $8,001 to the Tabor Lake Recreation Commission for t-ball, painting park structures, insurance and maintenance
  • $1,750 to the Buckhorn Recreation Commission for a swim program
  • $10,000 to the Hixon Community Association for hall maintenance, improvements, insurance and operating expenses
  • $26,000 to the Shell Glen Improvement Society for playground updates and operating expenses
  • $15,000 to the Mackenzie Fire Fighters Association for road rescue equipment
  • $2,000 to the Meals on Wheels (VSCHS) for meals on wheels program
  • $500 to the Robson Valley Backcountry Horsemen for the Rendezvous event
  • $2,500 to the Valemount Community Sports Day Association for Valemountain Days Festival
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