Bylaw Enforcement


The Bylaw Enforcement Officer investigates written complaints to ensure the protection of communities within the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.  Staff first attempts to work with those willing to correct a contravention, however tickets and orders can be issued to those who do not comply voluntarily.  Bylaw enforcement is complaint driven and do not search out violations.

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Common Concerns

Bylaws differ from one community to another. One community’s local government may enact a bylaw banning or regulating certain things, but another community may choose not to. The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George has bylaws covering various topics. Some of the most common concerns are:

Bylaw Enforcement Tickets

The Bylaw Dispute Adjudication system allows the Regional District to resolve minor bylaw violations and disputed locally where a Bylaw Enforcement ticket (notice) has been issued.

Pay or Dispute a Ticket