Submit a Bylaw Complaint

If you think that a bylaw may have been violated, please consider discussing it directly with that person first. Sometimes people do not know about the regulations or the impact their actions may have on others. We encourage you to talk to the person and allow them a chance to correct their behaviour. If you feel that the discussion was not productive, you can submit a complaint using the printable bylaw enforcement form below. Complaints can be made by anyone within the Electoral Area where the bylaw violation occurred. Paper forms can be delivered or mailed to the Regional District office. Please make sure your envelopes are marked:

Attn: Bylaw Enforcement
Regional District of Fraser-Fort George 
155 George Street
Prince George, BC V2L 1P8

Bylaw Complaint Form - Download [PDF/150KB]

If you are unable to use the above forms because of an accessibility issue, you may be able to submit a verbal complaint with the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.