Fire Rescue Services

There are 13 volunteer fire departments and three rescue agencies in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George. Fire departments and rescue agencies are dispatched through the Regional District’s Fire Operations Communication Centre as part of the 9-1-1 Emergency Service.

Volunteer fire departments and rescue agencies:

  • train to recognized standards and respond to emergency call-outs for fires, and medical and motor vehicle incidents
  • provide public safety information
  • maintain firefighting equipment

Volunteer fire department contact information

Become a volunteer firefighter

If you would like to volunteer, there are various roles including active firefighter, instructor and office assistant available, depending upon a department’s needs. Volunteer firefighters are required to complete basic standardized training and attend 60 hours of training per year. Fire department practices occur once a week for a couple of hours, with some specialized training on weekends for those that are interested. Not everyone is available to attend all emergency calls, so maintaining a healthy roster is crucial.

If you live within a fire protection area and are interested in volunteering, contact your local department directly.

Information for property owners

Contact the Regional District for information about:

  • the fire protection services available in your area
  • the cost for fire protection services
  • the application process to be included in a fire protection area