January 2023 Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

2022 building permit value nearly $45 million

Directors received an update on 2022 building permits issued by the Regional District.  In 2022, 263 permits were issued for a total value of $44,579,600.  Of that total, 52 permits were issued for single family dwellings valued at $30,933,000.  In 2021, the Regional District issued a total of 271 permits for a total value of $34,833,000.


Dore River Armouring Management and Maintenance Service Establishment approved

The Regional District Board has adopted the bylaw to establish a service to support Dore River armouring management and maintenance.  In 2020, the Dore River experienced a high flow event that caused significant erosion damage to many properties along the river just west of McBride. The Regional District applied for grant funding for armouring works to minimize erosion damage from future high flow events.  One of the conditions of the grant funding is that the armouring works must be owned by the Regional District so the service will provide funding for any management and maintenance those works may require once constructed. The Regional District is working to meet other conditions including Indigenous consultation and regulatory approval before work will commence. 

Lake access resolution

The Regional District is submitting a resolution to the North Central Local Government Association to call on the provincial government to recognize and maintain public access points to lakes.  Under the provincial subdivision process around lakes there is a requirement for public access every 200 to 400 metres. This public access is considered a highway and falls under the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure but inconsistencies have been noted with how these access points are managed and maintained.

Community Grants

The Board approved the following requests for Community and Recreation Grants:

  • $644 to the Ness Lake Recreation Commission for maintenance and volunteer appreciation
  • $3100 to the Nadsilnich Lake Community Association for a trail shelter
  • $8549 to the Valemount Curling Club for insurance