Schedule of Bylaw Adjudication Hearings

Persons issued a bylaw notice may, within 30 days of being served, dispute the bylaw notice and request an adjudication hearing. These hearings are held before an adjudicator appointed by the provincial government and are held either in-person, or through written materials submitted by the parties, at the choice of the disputant. At the end of the hearing, the adjudicator will decide whether the bylaw notice should be cancelled or upheld. If the bylaw notice is upheld, the disputant is required to pay the entire penalty plus a $25.00 administration fee to help recover the hearing cost. The public is entitled to access these hearings either in-person or by having electronic access, depending on the circumstances.

When adjudication hearings are scheduled, they will be listed here along with a summary of the file and the adjudicator’s decision.